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Offered Services

Detail Packages

Discover the art of automotive transformation through our exclusive range of three distinct detailing packages, meticulously crafted to ensure your vehicle stands out from the crowd. Each package is tailored to enhance and showcase the unique features of your car. Ask staff for details


Jett auctions, where we take the hassle out of getting your vehicle from Parksville to your preferred destination! Transportation is available all over Vancouver Island. If you’re unable to find your specific area for a shipping quote on our website, we recommend reaching out to our dedicated customer service team.

Selling with Jett

Embark on a seamless selling experience with Jett Auction, where your satisfaction is our priority. At Jett Auction, we prioritize transparency, efficiency, and maximum value for your assets. Whether you're selling vehicles, equipment, or other valuable items, our dedicated team is committed to facilitating a smooth and successful auction process.

Is there an Auction every Saturday ?

Yes! Vehicle auctions are held every Saturday starting at 11:00 am till about 1:30 pm. (Unless posted as closed on the website)

How do I know what vehicles are available ?

Everything on our website is running. The website is updated on Tuesday morning after the previous Saturday Auction before noon showing the vehicles that SOLD LAST AUCTION. We update the website every Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. The best time to view everything running is Friday Evening.
The auction starts promptly at 11:00 am, we start running the "A" Lots
first, then "B's" , "C's" Ect. The lots Starting with "0" start at 12:00.
Please visit/browse Live auction world website for precise lot
numbers. Jett Auction Ltd, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada - LiveAuction World

Am I able to bid online ?

When can I view auction items ?

Vehicle viewing is Thursday through Saturday. Gates open daily at 9:30am

What happens if there is an issue with my purchase ?

Yes, if it does not sell it will go to the next auction. The auction house works very closely with the Consigner to ensure the vehicle sells 1st , 2nd, or 3rd auction adjusting the “reserve / protected price” accordingly

When do I register for the auction?

Register to bid Saturday morning at the front office. The gates open at 9:30 a.m