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BUYER-AGREEMENT: Buyer agrees that Jett Auction Ltd is acting as mutual agent
No Warranties by Jett Auction Ltd: The Auctioneer shall not be liable to either the
Seller or the Buyer for any visible or latent defects in the Vehicle. The Auctioneer
does not make or guarantee any warranty, express or implied, including without
limitation, make, condition, quality, merchant-ability, fitness for particular purpose,
service policy, or odometer reading with respect to any Vehicle. Buyer agrees that
Jett Auction maintains a security interest in this vehicle until paid for with collected

This vehicle has not been test driven and may not been inspected for any
mechanical issues, accident repair or structural damage. This is a used Vehicle and
most used Vehicles have defects, flaws and/or wear and tear. Please allow for this
in your bidding. The Jett Auctions Policies will apply. It is the purchaser’s sole
responsibility to make any necessary inquiries and to inspect the item before
placing a bid. Jett Auction makes no representations, expressed or implied,as to
the quantity, kind, character, quality, weight, size or description of the property,or
its condition, performance merchant-ability or fitness for any use or purpose.

I agree that my down payment on this vehicle will be forfeited in the event by following Tuesday at 4:30 I also purchase (paid in full) is not honoured by the
the first Wednesday after the auction. agree to pay $25 storage per day starting the first Wednesday after the auction.