jet auto auction

1. Is there an Auction every Saturday ?

Yes! Vehicle auctions are held every Saturday starting at 11:00 am till about 1:30 pm. (Unless posted as closed on the website)

2. How do I know what vehicles are available ?

Everything on our website is running. The website is updated on Tuesday morning after the previous Saturday Auction before noon showing the vehicles that SOLD LAST AUCTION. We update the website every Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday. The best time to view everything running is Friday Evening.
The auction starts promptly at 11:00 am, we start running the "A" Lots
first, then "B's" , "C's" Ect. The lots Starting with "0" start at 12:00.
Please visit/browse Live auction world website for precise lot
numbers. Jett Auction Ltd, Parksville, British Columbia, Canada - LiveAuction World

3. Am I able to bid online ?

4. If an item does not sell will it run again the following week ?

Yes, if it does not sell it will go to the next auction. The auction house works very closely with the Consigner to ensure the vehicle sells 1st , 2nd, or 3rd auction adjusting the “reserve / protected price” accordingly

5. How much are the buyer/ sellers fees?

Buyers fees and sellers fees are the same, and work on a sliding scale. Please refer to the chart below.

1. Can I test drive a vehicle before bidding ?

To maintain the utmost professionalism and adhere to industry standards, please be advised that all vehicles featured in our auctions are owned by Dealerships, Private Consignors, Estates, and Repo/Banks. Due to this ownership structure, we are unable to facilitate test drives. However, we understand the importance of assessing a vehicle's functionality and features before making a purchase. As a viable alternative, we encourage prospective buyers to start the vehicles and explore their options during our designated viewing hours. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the vehicle's condition and features, ensuring an informed and confident bidding experience.

2. How do I submit an absentee bid?

If you submit an absentee bid, you should submit the maximum you will want to bid, our auctioneer will bid on your behalf, you may get it for less, if nobody on the floor or online outbids you. - You must complete an absentee form, with a signature and a $500 deposit or credit card authorization. The deposit will not be returned if the transaction is not completed the following Tuesday by 4:00 PM
Jett absentee bidder form.pdf (jettauction.com)

3. What does the open bidding start at ?

The first person to bid on a particular vehicle is the opening bid . The auctioneer will ask for a certain bid if he does not receive one he will continue lowering that number until he receives a bid from a buyer in the
audience or online.

1. When can I view auction items ?

Vehicle viewing is Thursday through Saturday. Gates open daily at 9:30am

2. What does tow unit mean ?

  • In BC, cars must be inspected by a licensed mechanic to be insured for road use when buying from a dealership or auction.

  • If a car hasn't been inspected then they are labeled as "Tow Unit."

  • If the vehicle displays warning lights like airbag or ABS issues, it will be labeled "not roadworthy – not suitable for transportation" and noted as a "Tow Unit" in the auction details.

  • Being labeled a "Tow Unit" doesn't necessarily mean the car is in poor condition.

  • After purchase, you must register the vehicle in your name at our location and sign a disclosure agreement recognizing its non-roadworthy status. Our staff will then park the vehicle outside our premises.

3. What happens if there is an issue with my purchase ?

If there is a Major problem with the Engine, Transmission or Major Power train components diagnosed by a licensed mechanic we will refund your money (less the registration and/or Visa fees).
Only vehicles that sell in excess of three thousand dollars ($5000), with a functional odometer reading of less than two hundred thousand (200,000) kilometers are eligible for arbitration. Service Engine Light - We Disclose if the engine light is through a
picture of the Instrument Cluster, (not arbitrate-able) it is the bidder’s responsibility to make any necessary inquiries/investigation and accept the risk of not doing an inspection. If you take delivery on Saturday you
must let us know there is an issue by end of day the following Tuesday.
If you pick on Tuesday you must let us know there is an issue by the end of day Wednesday. If the issue is not brought forward in the required time frame, the purchased item will not qualify for Arbitration.

4. How will you know when the reserve is met ?

You will find out during the live webcast right after the vehicle goes through and the bidding ends. Sometimes if the pre bidding is high enough the consignor will give us a call to lift the reserve and we will post it on the website & live auction world, we may also announce it at the beginning of the live webcast or before the live bidding starts on the vehicle. During the bidding the auctioneer will occasionally announce "cut it loose" or "It's going to sell", which means it has reached or exceeded the reserve or the consignor has got in touch with us during the sale and lowered the reserve.

5. When do I register for the auction?

Register to bid Saturday morning at the front office. The gates open at 9:30

1. What is a reserve ?

A reserve is the minimum price that a vehicle will sell for. If none of the bids received equal or exceed the Reserve, the item will not be sold unless the Seller expressly authorizes the sale. Most items have a “reserve / protected price” and it is kept in confidence between the Consignor and the auction house.

2. What does bid increments mean ?

The bid increments are established by the auctioneer at the point of sale, with the determination guided by factors such as the inherent value of the vehicle and the collective interest of the participating bidders. These increments may vary and can range from $500, $200, $100, $50,
to $25, aligning with the dynamic nature of the auction environment and
ensuring a responsive and equitable bidding process

3. Can I find information on what a vehicle sold for at a previous auction ?

Yes, absolutely! We maintain comprehensive records of all our previous vehicle sales. , which date back as far as 180 days. This archive allows you to review historical data and gain insights into the prices at which vehicles were sold in our auctions. This data can be found in our marketplace tab