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Friday 9:30 - 5:00
Saturday 9:30 - 3:00
Auction Starts at 11:00
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We have many more that don't make it in time for the website update. Drop by auction starts at 11:00 on Saturday
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Yes we take Private Consignments

a) If you select to sell it with no reserve (sold to highest bidder) our fee is just the sellers fee. (schedule below)


New Buy/Sell fee's applicable May 28th 2022

Price Buy 
From ____pUp to Fees
$0 - 499 = $110
500 -999 =145
1,000 -1,499 =185
1,500 -1,999 =205
2,000 -2.499 =225
2,500 -2,999 =245
3,000 -3,499 =265
3,500 -3,999 =285
4,000 -4.499 =305
4,500 -4,999 =325
5,000 -5,499 =345
5,500 -5,999 =365
6,000 -6,499 =385
6,500 -6,999 =405
7,000 -7,499 =425
7,500 -7,999 =445
8,000 and over =6%
+$85.00 BC Car Fax Lien Search Fee(if not Supplied)


b) If you select to sell it with a reserve (Protected Price) there is a $30 run fee per auction after the first auction in addition to our sellers fee.

Print consignment form here or we can complete it in the office

If you choose to suppy your own Car Fax please ensure you get the Vehicle History Report + Lien Check (BC)

All you have to do is drop by Tuesday-Friday, 930-5 and we will do the rest.

If it does not sell and you choose to remove it from the Auction there is a $95 Set up Fee and $30 run fee for each run after the first auction.

In addition to both above $85.00 Car Fax & Lien Check(if not supplied)(you get to keep if you choose to remove the vehicle from the auction)


Here's the difference selling it yourself

* You take the pictures and write up the description   * Jett Auction takes a minimum of 10 Pictures of the vehicle and pictures of the Car Proof
* You create an account and post your ad, wait for inquires, which could take weeks   * Jett Auction posts your ad on our website which receives an average of 2200 unique visitors a week and an average of 30,000 page views a day.
* You wait for inquires, answer questions, which could take weeks   * Jett Auction advertises on several other platforms to introduce you vehicle to a massive market
* You have no ideas who your dealing with.   * Jett Auction displays and answers all inquires about your vehicle.
* You make appointments, interrupt your day and hope they show up.   * Jett Auction has a vehicle auction every Saturday.
* You haggel over price.   * We have more than 100 people showing up on site to bid.
* When a price is agreeable you have to complete all the transfer paper go to ICBC and make sure the vehicle is transferred out of your name.   * Jett Auction has online bidding which means anyone in canada can bid on your vehicle.
    * You can watch all the bidding here or online.
    * We handle all the transfer paper work.
    * When the vehicle sells on saturday we will have a cheque ready for you the next Friday.
All you have to do is drop by Tuesday-Friday, 9:30-5:00 and we will do the rest.
Sell your car where the buyers are.

861 Allsbrook Road, Parksville, British Columbia, V9P-2A9



    **All vehicles plus,buyers fee, history report fee and taxes.**While do our best to ensure the correct options and details are listed for each vehicle we cannot guarantee all options are functional and/or are present, this web site information should not be considered to be definitive. Information, policies, and specifications may be out of date, errors can occur due to data entry errors, or inaccurate information may otherwise be accidentally presented. As a result, accuracy cannot be guaranteed and we make no warranties or representations of any kind. Please be advised there may be an outstanding recall notice (s) from the manufacturer for this vehicle. It is the bidder's responsibility to contact an authorized dealer to determine if any active recalls exist in regards to this vehicle. It is the purchaser's sole responsibility to make any necessary inquiries and to inspect the item before placing a bid. Jett Auction makes no representations, expressed or implied,as to the quantity, kind, character, quality, weight, size or description of the property,or its condition, performance, merchantability or fitness for any use or purpose. All sales are governed by the Terms and Conditions of our Auction Policies .

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