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Thursday 9:30 - 5:00
Friday 9:30 - 5:00
Saturday 9:30 - 3:00
Auction Starts at 11:00
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We have many more that don't make it in time for the website update. Drop by auction starts at 11:00 on Saturday
Public Wholesale Auto Auction
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We are a wholesale auto auction open to the public! It costs nothing to come down and bid. Over 100 vehicles for sale each week. Chances are that you will find what you are looking for!

What We Offer:

HUGE SELECTION! All makes and models of Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Vans, Trailers, Bikes etc. selling at WHOLESALE PRICES!
MANY UNRESERVED Selling at unbelievable prices! To the highest bidder!
FRIENDLY STAFF! Knowledgeable auction staff to help with the auction process. We want your auction experience to be a positive one.

Seated facility.

FOOD CONCESSION! Enjoy a coffee, Hot Dogs and more

Experience the thrill of a busy live auction. The environment is fun, there's nothing quite like it.

Where is the Auction located? Our Auction is located at 861 Allsbrook Road, Parksville, BC V9P 2A9.

From Southern Vancouver Island:
Follow Trans-Canada Hwy/BC-1 N and BC-19 N to Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W in Nanaimo.
Take exit 51 from BC-19 N.
Continue on Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W. Turn left onto Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W (signs for Coombs)
Turn left onto Bellevue Rd
Turn left onto Allsbrook Rd

  From Northern Vancouver Island:
Take BC-19 S (signs for Nanaimo)
Take exit 51 for BC-4A toward Parksville
Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Coombs and merge onto Alberni Hwy/BC-4A W
Turn left onto Bellevue Rd
Turn left onto Allsbrook Rd
How To Buy - Vehicle Auctions are held every Saturday at 11:00 am and usually ends at 1:30 pm
  - Daily vehicle viewing is from Thursday through Saturday and is recommended
  - Register to bid Saturday Morning at the front office. Gates open at 9:30am.
  - Registration is Free. All bidders must register prior to bidding.
  - A Drivers License is required.
  - Once you have a bidding card you are eligible to bid on a car as it drives through our auction tent. We start with the lot #A's first ( eg. A1, A2, A3, A4, Etc) Special 0A, 0B.... Lots are run at Noon

- A $500 ($under $5000), $1000 (Over $5000) non refundable down payment is required after each winning bid.


Payment Methods 1. Cash
  2. Debit (contact your bank regarding daily limits)
  3. Money Order/Bank Draft
  4. M/C & Visa - Additional merchant fee to use this option.
  5. Sorry No Personal Cheques will be accepted.
Terms - Vehicle declarations will be declared. See below.
  - The highest bidder shall be the purchaser.

- Bidders cannot retract their bids. Please read our Auction Policies

  - The purchaser is responsible to view the vehicle prior to bidding.
  - Payment in full or a $500 ($under $5000), $1000 (Over $5000) non refundable down payment is required Saturday after each winning bid.
  - The balance to be paid the following Tuesday by - 4pm. The Deposit will be forfeited, in the event the purchase (paid in full) is not honored.
  - There will be a $25 per day Storage fee starting the Wednesday after the auction for any car that has not been picked up. After 7 days $100.00 per day storage fee applies.


Fees - All applicable taxes will be added to the purchase price of all taxable items.
  - A variable buyers fee is calculated according to the winning bid price. (see chart)
  - All internet Purchases will incur a Internet Bidding/Buying Fee
$4999 Under - Fee $25
$5000 Over - Fee $50


New Buy/Sell fee's applicable May 28th 2022

Price Buy 
From ____pUp to Fees
$0 - 499 = $110
500 -999 =145
1,000 -1,499 =185
1,500 -1,999 =205
2,000 -2.499 =225
2,500 -2,999 =245
3,000 -3,499 =265
3,500 -3,999 =285
4,000 -4.499 =305
4,500 -4,999 =325
5,000 -5,499 =345
5,500 -5,999 =365
6,000 -6,499 =385
6,500 -6,999 =405
7,000 -7,499 =425
7,500 -7,999 =445
8,000 and over =6%
+ $40.00 Car History Fee
Insurance Insurance representatives will be on location for insurance on vehicles paid in full.
Vehicle Declarations Auctioneer will announce declarations if any apply.
HO$2K: Former collective claim with ICBC $2000 +. Includes Glass claims.
OOP: Vehicle originated outside of BC. Inspection passed & now has BC title.
OOP IR Vehicle title originates outside BC. Inspection is required for BC title. BC Inspection must be provided before sale.
TMU True mileage unknown .
REB Rebuilt Status. Passed Inspection & Rectified.

Vehicles are free & clear of the above declarations.

EX Lease EX Rental: Vehicles have been previously used an a Rental or Lease

 How to Sell

Click Here for more info


 Frequently Asked Questions
 Is there an auction every Saturday? Yes! Vehicle auctions are held every Saturday starting at 11:00 am till about 1:30 am. (Unless posted as closed on the website, 1 or two 2 times a year)
 How do I know what vehicles are available? Everything on our website (plus a few more that may be late entries) are running. The website is updated on tuesday morning before noon showing the vehicles that SOLD LAST AUCTION. We update the website every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The best time to view everything running is Friday Evening.

The auction starts promptly at 11:00 am, we start running the "A" Lots first, then "B's" , "C's" Ect. The lots Starting with "0" start at 12:00. Please visit/browse Live auction world website for precise lot numbers.


 What is a particular vehicle going to sell for? Hard to say what it is going to sell for , It's an auction, it all depends on the interest at the time of the sale. Please visit our gallery page for past sale prices
 When can I preview a vehicle? Daily vehicle viewing (including access to vehicle’s interior) is from Thusday through Saturday. Gates open at 9:30am.


 Must Tow If the vehicle has been found not road worthy, (noted in the auction notes ) or if the vehicle has an air bag light on, an abs light on or not inspected we are going to sell as "not roadworthy - not suitable for transportation". You will have to register the vehicle in your name at our site. A disclosure will need to be signed that you understand it is not road worthy. Then one of the auction staff shall park the vehicle out side our premises where it can be towed from.


 Do you have any warranties on the vehicles?

Yes ! If there is a MAJOR problem with the Engine, Transmission or Major Power train components diagnosed buy a licenced mechanic we shall refund your money (less the registration and/or Visa fee's).
Only vehicles that sell in excess of three thousand dollars ($3000), with a functional odometer reading of less than two hundred thousand (200,000) kilometers are eligible for arbitration.
Service Engine Light - We Disclose if the engine light is ON via the picture of the Instrument Cluster, (not arbitrate able) it is the bidder’s responsibility to make any necessary inquiries/investigation and accept the risk of not doing an inspection. If you pick it up on Saturday you must let us know there is a issue by Tuesday. If you pick up the car on Tuesday you must let us know there is an issue by Wednesday before close of day. View our arbitration rules here


 Arbitration Rules & How it Works View Abritration


 Can I test drive a vehicle? As all of the vehicles are owned by Dealerships, Private Consigners, Estates and Repo/Banks, we are unable to offer test drives. You can start them and test the options any time we are open.
 What are the terms? - Vehicle declarations will be declared. See above.
- The highest bidder shall be the purchaser.
- Bidders cannot retract their bids.
- The purchaser is responsible to view the vehicle prior to bidding.
 When do I register for the auction? - Register to bid Saturday morning at the front office. The gates open at 9:30
 Can I bid online?

-Yes! Click Here to get Approved

-Register early, you will receive a email reminder. Your credit card will be approved for $1 for validitity and will be reimbursed a few days later.

-The live feed will start approximatly at 10am on Saturday. With a desktop computer or laptop you will be able to bid, see and hear a live feed.

NEW News !!!! You can also bid on a phone or tablet and see/hear the live feed. (Click the Video Button at the top of your phone after logging in to bid)

How to bid in a live auction

-If you win your bid on a vehicle, We will send an invoice between 2:30 pm & 4:00 pm via email. A $500 non refundable down payment will automatically be applied to your purchase. You can pick up the vehicle Saturday up until 3:00 or on Tuesday between 9:30 and 5:00
Insurance will be onsite.

 How do I submit an absentee bid? If you submit an absentee bid, you should submit the maximum you will want to bid, our auctioneer will bid on your behalf, you may get it for less, if nobody on the floor out bids you. - You must complete an absentee form, with a signature and a $500 deposit or credit card authorization. The deposit will not be returned if the transaction is not completed the following Tuesday by 4:00 PM

Absentee Form

 How do I know if my absentee bid won? One of the auction staff you contact you on Saturday after the auction
 Is there a reserve on the vehicle?

Reserve Prices. A reserve is the minimum price that a vehicle will sell for. If none of the bids received equal or exceed theReserve Price, the items will not be sold unless the Seller expressly authorizes the sale. Most vehicles have a “reserve / protected price” and it is kept in confidence between the Consignor and the auction house. The auction house works very closely with the Consignor to ensure the vehicle sells 1st , 2nd, or 3rd time and the Auction adjusting the “reserve / protected price” accordingly

How do you know when the reserve is met?

1. You will definitely find out during the live webcast right after the vehicle goes through and the bidding ends.
2. Sometimes if the pre bidding is high enough the consignor will give us a call to lift the reserve and we will post it on the website & live auction world, we may also announce it at the beginning of the live webcast or before the live bidding starts on the vehicle. 
3. During the bidding the auctioneer will occasionally announce the the vehicle "it is cut loose" ofr "It's going to sell", which means it has reached or exceeded the reserve or the consignor has got in touch with us during the sale and lowered the reserve.

 What is an If Bid (Phone Call) When the bids do not reach the Reserve Price, the Auctioneer may conditionally sell the item subject to an If Bid (also called phone bid or confirmation sale). When a Buyer makes an If Bid, the Seller has two hours (or other announced
time frame) to accept the bid. The Buyer may not withdraw the If
Bid during the If Bid time frame.
What is the opening bid on a particular vehicle? The first person to bid on a particular vehicle is the opening bid ( bidder). The auctioneer will ask for a certain bid if he does not receive one he will continue lowering that number until he receive a bid from a buyer in the audience.
What are the bid increments? The bid increments are determined by the auctioneer at the time of the sale. It mainly depends on the value of the vehicle, and the interest of the bidders and could be $500, $200, $100, $50 or $25 at a time
Is there a buy now option to purchase a vehicle? All vehicles are sold by auction on Saturdays.
 If a vehicle does not sell in an auction does it go back up for auction the following Saturday? Yes, if it does not sell it will go to the next auction. The auction house works very closely with the Consigner to ensure the vehicle sells 1st , 2nd, or 3rd auction adjusting the “reserve / protected price” accordingly
 What was the selling price of a particular vehicle? The selling prices for vehicles can be seen in the market reports on our Gallery "Sold" page.
 Can you ship a vehicle to the mainland?

Yes ! We can ship to anywhere in Canada.

If you are a winning bidder and requesting the vehicle to be shipped from the auction the following rules will apply.
1. Payment must be made by E-transfer.
2. A copy of your driver’s license must be returned with a signed copy of the bill of sale that will accompany the invoice we send.
3. We will Email a PDF of the APV-9T (Transfer Form).
4. Once we receive the following we shall release the vehicle.
(a) Signed bill of Sale
(b) Copy of driver’s licence
(c) Copy of the Signed APV-9T (Transfer Form).
(d) Payment in full by e-transfer

If you do not have a shipper. Contact below fo Quotes


For shipping from Canada to the USA – Contact TFX INTERNATIONAL for an accurate quote on DOOR TO DOOR shipping. They handle all the paper work at the border as well.


Auction Policies

Our Full Auction policies can be found here Auction Policies .



**All vehicles plus,buyers fee, history report fee and taxes.**While do our best to ensure the correct options and details are listed for each vehicle we cannot guarantee all options are functional and/or are present, this web site information should not be considered to be definitive. Information, policies, and specifications may be out of date, errors can occur due to data entry errors, or inaccurate information may otherwise be accidentally presented. As a result, accuracy cannot be guaranteed and we make no warranties or representations of any kind. Please be advised there may be an outstanding recall notice (s) from the manufacturer for this vehicle. It is the bidder's responsibility to contact an authorized dealer to determine if any active recalls exist in regards to this vehicle. It is the purchaser's sole responsibility to make any necessary inquiries and to inspect the item before placing a bid. Jett Auction makes no representations, expressed or implied,as to the quantity, kind, character, quality, weight, size or description of the property,or its condition, performance, merchantability or fitness for any use or purpose. All sales are governed by the Terms and Conditions of our Auction Policies .

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