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2014 Honda CTX700 N
- 168 Kms
Fuel Injection
Low Seat Height
Right and Left Hard Saddle Bags
2014 Honda CTX 700N
Theres a whole new generation of cruiser riders out there who dont care how its been done before. They want a machine that reflects the new motorcycling reality. Sure, it has to be stylish and comfortable but it should also handle, offer a rewarding ride and, perhaps most importantly, it must be affordable and offer real-world usability.
Lucky for them, theres a whole new generation of engineers at Honda who have been given exactly this mission: Forget tradition; build the best cruiser possible for this next generation of riders.
Enter the CTX 700N. Like no cruiser before it, the CTX 700N is fitted with one of the most advanced engines in motorcycling. An engine designed for feel, efficiency and to complement an all-new level of handling and maneuverability. And they didnt stop there; the engineers went on to design an innovative chassis that also breaks with cruiser tradition. Super low centre-of-gravity, 17 wheels fitted with sport radials, modern link-type rear suspension and ABS brakes are all combined to create unprecedented levels of handling and control.
Meanwhile, unparalleled fuel economy and low maintenance costs ensure that this is one of the most economical cruisers on the road today.
Mission accomplished.
Engine Features May Include
An unique engine architecture, with parallel cylinders canted forward by 62 degrees, offers a remarkably low centre of gravity, making the CTX feel smaller, lighter and easier to handle than its size suggests.
Engineers went to great lengths to ensure the engine has a distinctive sound and feel. The 270-degree firing order, uniaxial primary counterbalance shaft and subtle combustion control measures combine to create a satisfying throb unlike anything youve felt before.
Smaller cruiser engines will often lose some of their relaxed character when called upon to deliver in high-load situations. Not so with the CTX , the long-stroke, high-torque design ensures that the engine maintains its big twin feel under all conditions.
Extensive use of friction-reduction technology, advanced combustion control focused around a sophisticated fuel injection system and an overdrive six-speed transmission mean the CTX delivers exceptional, class-leading fuel economy.
Placing the catalytic converter just downstream of the exhaust ports, where exhaust gas temperatures are highest, maximizes emission control efficiency. In fact, emission output surpasses all Canadian standards by a wide margin.
Chassis/Suspension Features May Include
A rigid, diamond-shaped steel frame ensures both rock-solid stability and responsive handling.
Unlike the simple, twin-shock rear suspension design found on many cruisers, the CTX is fitted with an advanced, single-shock, Pro-link rear suspension system. This system provides better comfort and control through increased, more progressive travel. Again breaking with tradition, the stout, 41mm front fork is mounted with more aggressive geometry than is typically found on a cruiser. The result is lighter, nimbler and more responsive handling.
Wide, 17 cast aluminum wheels at each end shod with sporting radials bring a whole new level of handling to the cruiser category.
Other Features May Include
One of the additional benefits of the incredible fuel efficiency of the CTX is that it can be fitted with a more compact fuel tank without compromising range. The compact fuel tank provides two major benefits: first it contributes to reduced operating weight, and second it creates space, where the fuel tank is traditionally found, for a convenient storage compartment. All this without compromising the low seat height preferred by cruiser riders.

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