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1973 Modified VW Super Beetle, Fiesta Green, 22222 KM 

-305 V8 Chev engine (re-build)
-Rack and pinion steering –
-Caprice transmission (re-build) –
-109” Ford rear-end –
-Mercedes front grill –
-MGB headlights/tail-lights –
Kawasaki motorcycle turn signals –
-Volvo side mirrors –
-1928 LaSalle air vents –
-1950’s VW rear + side windows –
-1973 VW side doors –
-1992 VW front seats – re-built for comfort –
-Italian steering wheel –
-Custom designed & built luggage trailer to match car
-Additional Features: 4 fenders separate from the car body with front fenders turning as the car turns; air conditioning; back-up camera; an extra detachable rack for carrying a small mobility scooter or luggage.
-Moulds for fenders and ‘nose cone’

La Solo has won many awards: 2003 - German Car Club ‘Best of Show’ and ‘2nd place’ Awards
2003 – Torque Masters Auto Extravaganza, Sidney, B.C. ‘Peoples Choice’
2004 – Father’s Day Seaside Cruizers Father’s Day Show-N-Shine, Qualicum Beach - ‘Best Foreign’ Award
2004 - Ocean Idlers Parksville Car Show ‘Dennis Gage Favourite’, ‘1st Place 1970’s’ Modified and ‘Best Orphan’ Awards
2005 – Father’s Day Seaside Cruisers Show-N-Shine, Qualicum Beach “Best Custom”
Award All Awards, plus the display board used for car shows, go with the car

- Car washing – La Solo has only ever been hand-washed – DO NOT EVER TAKE La Solo TO A COMMERCIAL CAR WASH (unless they are going to hand-wash it for you)

-The car windows are electric, even though the handles look like they are manual and rotate to open and close – NOT SO – gentle pressure downwards, opens the window and gentle pressure upwards on the handle closes the window.

-La Solo Paint colour: 1992 Ford colour – Fiesta Green – Fiesta Green is mentioned but not that it is a 1992 Ford colour

-The fuel injection booster was installed after La Solo was on the road, and you will notice the small gadget in the foot-well of the front passenger seat.

-The back window is from a 1957 VW beetle, the two back side windows are also from an older beetle.

-Air Conditioning works great in La Solo.....the control knob is below the dashboard.....and the equipment was installed in the back window well, with the cool air coming from the back interior of the car – great ventilation on a hot day.

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